Female Green Anoles – Everything You Need To Know

If you want to know everything about female green anoles, you are at the right place. Being an anole breeder for more than 5 years I can answer all your queries related to the topic.

Female Green Anole Behavior

Female green anoles are passive, show non-territorial behavior, are relatively less aggressive than males, and mainly focus on nesting and reproduction.

Female green anoles do not engage in territorial display as they are not as aggressive as their male counterparts, but if threatened they can become aggressive as anyone would be.

Females select males based on various parameters for mating as their overall emphasis is on finding a safe place for nesting, laying eggs, caring for their nest, and surviving in the environment.

Female Green Anole Size

Female green anoles can grow up to 5 inches from the snout to the tail, or 7 inches in some conditions, however, it may vary among individuals.

The small and slender size of females are the main identification characteristics among anoles. The size may vary depending on the availability of food, age, and environment they are in.

You can easily identify a female anole from a male anole given their age should be the same.

Female Green Anole Color

Female green anoles have less vibrant coloration, often appearing in shades of green or brown. Their subdued color helps them to camouflage allowing them to blend into the surroundings. It also helps in thermoregulation to regulate their body temperature.

This soft coloration helps them to avoid predators easily in their daily activities. Females have the ability to change their hues to some extent when needed.

Female green anoles are often seen in shades of brown rather than any other color.

Female Green Anole Age

Female green anoles have a lifespan of 1-3 years in the wild whereas in captivity green anoles can easily live up to 7-8 years.

Females go through various stages as they age from juvenile to adult which can take 6-9 months or a year depending on certain situations.

The development of ovaries and sexual behavior can be used as an indicator of maturity in females.

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Do Female Green Anoles Have Dewlaps

Yes, females have dewlap but are smaller and not vibrant and colorful often appearing as pale or whitish in color with some variation among individuals.

Females do not have a big dewlap or throat fan as compared to males. Males often have a big and vibrant color dewlap to display.

A dewlap or throat fan is a flap of skin that is located beneath the throat of anoles. You can easily identify the gender of an anole by just looking at their dewlaps.

Role of Dewlaps in Female Green Anoles

Females use their dewlap for communication purposes and to interact within their community rather than to display for the purpose of mating as their male counterparts do.

Females do not use their dewlaps to show authority, courtship display, or territorial authority, they tend to use their dewlaps less frequently.

How Do Female Green Anoles Select Males for Mating

Females select a male green anole based on various behavioral and visual displays. An adult female would select the best male among the group for mating which is decided by various factors.

Females observe males’ dewlap, its size, color, and vibrancy to select a male for mating. Apart from dewlaps females also observe territorial authority, head bobbing, pushup contests, and overall size and health of the male green anoles.

To Wrap Up

Now you must have understood everything about female green anoles. You can easily identify a female among other males.

If you still have any queries, you can ask in the comments below or can contact us.

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