8 Best Plants for Anole Terrarium Enclosure

If you are setting up a habitat for your anole and wondering what are the best plants for anole to include in their terrarium enclosure, do not worry, we are here to help you out in this.

Best Plants for Anole Terrarium – The Comparison

PothosSpider PlantsBromeliadsFicusMossesCreeping FigsHeart-leaf PhilodendronPeperomia Rosso
Climbing OpportunitiesYesNoNoYesNoYesYesYes
Humidity RegulationModerateModerateHighModerateHighModerateModerateModerate
Care RequiredLowLowModerateModerateLowModerateLowLow
Light RequirementModerate to BrightModerate to BrightModerate to BrightModerate to BrightLow to ModerateModerate to BrightBrightBright
Toxic to AnolesNoNoNoSome Species may beNoSome Species may beNoNo

Being anoles owner for more than 5 years I’ve set up multiple good terrariums with the best plants for anoles, and I’m going to share my experience with you.

The 8 Best Plants for Anole Terrarium

The Best plants for an anole terrarium enclosure are Pothos, Spider Plants, Bromeliads, Ficus, Mosses, Creeping Figs, Heart-leaf Philodendron, and Peperomia Rosso.

When setting up a terrarium for your anoles, it’s important to make it similar to their natural habitat. Choosing the right plants is important to not limit their physical activity and natural behavior.

Anoles are good climbers and jumpers, like to bask in the sun, want spots to hide themselves and you need to select plants that can help make it look like their natural habitat.

Now let’s see the best plants for anole terrarium:


Best Plants for Anole Terrarium

Pothos can be the best plant for your anole terrarium as it helps in maintaining humidity levels in the enclosure.

Pothos are trailing plants that have heart-shaped leaves with multi-colored patterns that will make your terrarium more visually appealing. Pothos can grow in low-lighting conditions, it will grow best in moderate to bright indirect light.

Anoles are arboreal lizards which means they spend most of their time on trees and shrubs. You can arrange the Pothos along the sides and back of the terrarium to make it naturalistic for your anoles to climb.

Spider Plants

Best Plants for Anole Terrarium

Spider plants are low maintenance, help purify the air, and improve the air quality within the terrarium making it one of the best choices for your anoles.

Spider plants have attractive arching leaves with white stripes on them making them visually appealing and enhancing your anole terrarium.

Spider plants can tolerate low lighting conditions but grow well in bright indirect light. They can produce long arching leaves that can tangle and you need to trim them from time to time.

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Best Plants for Anole Terrarium

Bromeliads have water-holding rosettes at the center which can provide a source of water for your anoles to drink or use for soaking. This will mimic the natural habitat of your anole terrarium.

Bromeliads come in various shapes, sizes, and colors that will make your enclosure look very appealing. The dense leaves and branches will also act as a good hiding spot for your anoles.

There are many species of bromeliads, this can be the best you can add to your anole terrarium.

Ficus Plants

Best Plants for Anole Terrarium

You can add a ficus plant to the terrarium as it grows vertically and provides a good climbing opportunity for anole lizards.

The dense leaves and branches also provide a good shelter and hiding spot in the terrarium. Ficus plants help maintain the humidity level by transpiring water through their leaves which is good for anoles as they require higher humidity.

Consider your terrarium size as Ficus can grow tall and wide. These plants require regular maintenance and moderate to bright light for better growth.


Best Plants for Anole Terrarium

Moss can be a very good addition to your anole terrarium as they are good at retaining moisture and releasing it slowly which helps in maintaining a higher humidity level in the terrarium.

Mosses can be one of the best plants for an anole terrarium as they form a dense mat that provides a nice hiding spot for anoles.

It also enriches the substrate by breaking down organic matter which will help in a more balanced ecosystem.

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Creeping Figs

Best Plants for Anole Terrarium

Creeping figs also known as climbing figs are a good option for your anole terrarium as they are trailing plants that will provide good climbing and jumping opportunities to your anole lizards.

These plants also help in maintaining the humidity level like other plants but require bright light for better growth.

Given their dense foilage it also gives a good hiding spot to anoles. Before choosing the creeping figs for your terrarium confirm the species is non-toxic as some produce latex sap which can be harmful for anoles.

Heart-Leaf Philodendron

Best Plants for Anole Terrarium

Heart-Leaf Philodendron is a vining plant that can be good for an anole terrarium enclosure. This plant also gives a naturalistic and attractive look.

Its heart-shaped dense leaves provide a good shelter and hiding spot. These plants are also low maintenance.

Heart-leaf philodendrons are low-maintenance and can thrive in rare conditions but require bright indirect light for healthy growth.

They grow very fast and require regular pruning to prevent overgrowth.

Peperomia Rosso

Best Plants for Anole Terrarium

Peperomia Rosso is suitable for small terrariums due to their small size. They are low maintenance and can thrive in many conditions.

They are small in size so just occasional pruning is required. They prefer bright indirect light for healthy growth. If natural lighting is not sufficient you can consider an Adjustable full-spectrum LED grow light.

Final Decision

If you are still confused about these plants, the 3 best plants for anole terrarium that you can add are:

  1. Pothos
  2. Bromeliads
  3. Mosses

These three plants will cover your whole terrarium as they will provide good climbing, jumping, and hiding spots for your anoles.

They will also provide good shelter, help in maintaining humidity, provide a good natural surface due to mosses, and will make your terrarium visually attractive.

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